Walters, Harry E.

Bank Tenure
Walters, Harry E.

Agriculture Economist, Economics & Pre-Investment Services, Agriculture & Rural Dev. Dept., and Agriculture & Rural Dev Div of the EMENA Projects Department 1972-1975
Adviser, Agriculture & Food Planning, Office of the Director, Agriculture & Rural Dev Dept, 1978-1982;
Sr Economist, Northern Agriculture Division, East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, 1982-1984;
Section Chief, Northern Agriculture Section, Regional Missions: East and South Africa, 1984-1987;
Principal Economist, Nairobi, Africa Technical Families, and Agriculture Division, Africa Technical Families, 1987-1990;
Chief, Financial Sector, Africa Technical Families, 1990;
Chief, Social Protection, Africa Technical Families, 1991-1992;
Chief, Human Development, Africa Technical Families, 1993-1995.


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