Vergin, Heinz

Bank Tenure
  • Economist, Economics Department, 1964-1969;
  • Economist, Resident Staff Indonesia, 1969;
  • Agriculture Economist, Resident Staff Indonesia, 1970;
  • Senior Economist, Resident Staff Indonesia, 1970-1971;
  • Division Chief, Regional Projects Studies I (Asia), Special Projects Department, 1971-1972;
  • Division Chief, Mekong Division, Asia Vice Presidency, 1972-1974;
  • Division Chief, Irrigation and Area Development Division, Asia Vice Presidency, 1974;
  • Assistant Director, East Asia and Pacific Vice Presidency, 1974-1977;
  • Assistant Director, Programming and Budgeting Department, 1977-1980;
  • Director, Programming and Budgeting Department, 1980-1984;
  • Director, Treasurers Department, 1984-1987;
  • Director, Operations Staff, Office of the Senior Vice President, Operations, 1987-1990;
  • Director, Asia Country Department 4, Asia Vice Presidency, 1990-1991.
  • Director, South Asia Country Department 2, South Asia Region Vice Presidency, 1991-1997.


Interviews for The World Bank: Its First Half Century
Access and Restrictions
The transcript of this interview is public.

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