Lamb, Geoffrey B.

Bank Tenure
Lamb Geoffrey
  • Economist, Development Research Center, 1980-1982;
  • Institutional Development Specialist, Project Policy Department, 1982-1983;
  • Adviser, Public Sector Management, Project Policy Department, 1983-1987;
  • Adviser, Strategic Planning and Review Department, 1987-1991;
  • Unit Chief, ECA/MENA Technical Department, 1991-1993;
  • Manager, ECA/MENA Technical Department, 1993-1994;
  • Resident Representative, U.K and Ireland, External Affairs Department, 1994-1997;
  • Senior Adviser, External Affairs Vice Presidency, 1997;
  • Director, Trust Funds and Cofinancing Department, 1997-2003;
  • Vice President, Resource Mobilization and Cofinancing, 2003;
  • Vice President, Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships, 2003-2006.


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