Husain, Tariq

Bank Tenure : 1966 to 1999
Economist, Administration; Sector and Project Studies; Agriculture and Rural Development, 1966-1975
Agriculture Economist, Technical Assistance Division, 1975
Sr. Agriculture Economist, Agriculture and Rural Development Division, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, 1976-1977
Chief Economist, Master Planning, South Asia, 1977-1979
Sr. Agriculture Economist, Irrigation Division, 1979-1981
Sr. Economist, Office of the Director, Western Africa Department, 1981-1987
Resident Representative, Resident Mission Nigeria, 1987-1991
Sr. Sector Policy Adviser, Policy Research Department, 1991-1995
Manager, Learning and Leadership, 1995-1997
Sr. Adviser, 1998-1999
1940 - 1940


23pp , Interviews for The World Bank: Its First Half Century
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