Haralz, Jonas H.

Haralz, Jonas H.
Bank Tenure : 1950 to 1957
Economist – Economic Department, 1951-1952;
Economist – Western Hemisphere Department, 1952-1955;
Co-author of the study The Economic Development of Mexico, 1952;
Principal areas of operations: Mexico, Central America and Peru;
Bank representative – Honduras, 1955-1956;
Head of Bank Mission to appraise Mexican Government Investment Program, 1957;
Head of Bank missions (as a consultant) – Peru (1963), Venezuela (1965) and Ghana (1965);
Executive Director – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, 1988-1991;
Member of the “guidance and closure group” – the World Bank History Project, 1994-1997 (author of the chapter on the IFC included in volume I).
1919 - 2012


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