Gordon, David L.

Gordon, David L.
Bank Tenure : 1947 to 1980
Assistant to Chief, Northwestern European Division, Loan Department, 1947-1948;
Assistant to the Vice President, 1948-1950;
Western Hemisphere Division, 1953-1957 (Special Representative, Guatemala, 1955-1956);
South Asia and Middle East, 1957-1959;
Technical Assistance and Liaison Staff, 1959-1960;
Chief, Resident Mission, Pakistan, 1960-1963;
Assistant Director, Development Services Department, 1963-1965;
Chief, Permanent Mission in Eastern Africa, Kenya, 1966-1969;
Resident representative, Pakistan, 1969-1971;
Deputy Director, Development Finance Companies Department, 1971-1972;
Resident Representative, Indonesia, 1972-1975;
Director, Development Finance Companies Department, 1975-1977;
Director, Industrial Development and Finance Department, 1977-1980.
1916 - 2005


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