De Tray, Dennis N.

Bank Tenure : 1983 to 2006
Senior Economist -– Living Standards Measurement Study, Development Research Department, 1983-1986;
Policy Adviser -– Office of the Director, Development Research Department, 1986-1987;
Research Administrator –- Research Administration, Policy Planning and Research, 1987-1988;
Research Administrator -– Research Advisory Staff, Research Administration, 1988-1990;
Senior Economic Adviser –- Office of the Vice President and Chief Economist, 1991-1992;
Division Chief -– Country Operations Division 1, Country Department III, Latin America and Caribbean Region, 1992-1993;
Director -– Country Department III, East Asia and Pacific Region, 1994;
Director -– Resident Staff in Indonesia, 1994-1997;
Country Director –- Indonesia Resident Unit, 1997-1999;
Senior Resident Representative in Hanoi, Vietnam, External Service, International Monetary Fund, 1999-2001;
Country Director –- Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Turkmenistan Country Unit, 2001-2002;
Country Director -– World Bank Office: Almaty (Central Asia Country Unit), 2002-2006.
1944 - 1944


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