Christoffersen, Leif

Bank Tenure
  • Young Professional, Agricultural Division, Projects Department and South Asia Department, 1964-1965
  • Economist, Economics Department 1966-1968
  • Personal Assistant to the President 1969-1971
  • Division Chief, West Africa Department 1971-1972.
  • Division Chief, Rural Development Div., Agriculture and Rural Development Dept.1973-1975;
  • Asst. Director, Rural Development, Agricultural and Rural Development Dept. Central
  • Projects Staff - 1976-1983; (During this period, served as chairman of the UN interagency (ACC) Task Force on Rural Development 1975-1976: and as Mission Chief for the interagency assessment mission to Liberia in March-April 1980.)
  • Assistant Director, Projects Department, Eastern Africa Department 1982-1986
  • Sr. Agriculture Adviser, 1986-1978
  • Division Chief Environment Division, Africa Region 1987-1992


Interviews for The World Bank: Its First Half Century
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