Blaxall, John G. N.

Bank Tenure
Blaxhall John 0
  • Young Professional Program, 1966 - 1968;
  • Programming and Budgeting Officer, Programming and Budgeting Department, 1968-1969;
  • Deputy Director, Programming and Budgeting Department, 1969-1976;
  • Assistant Director, Projects Department, East Asia and Pacific Region, 1976-1977;
  • Assistant Director, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, 1977-1985;
  • Project Manager, Transportation Department, 1986-1987;
  • Regional Manager, United Nations Cooperative Program, Policy, Research and External Affairs Vice Presidency, 1989-1992;
  • Regional Manager, Water and Sanitation Division, Infrastructure and Urban Development Department, 1992-1993;
  • Program Manager, UNDP/World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, Transportation, Water and Urban Development Department, 1993-1994.


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